Intelligent Advertising Solutions

Advertising has experienced deep disruption as new channels and innovative technologies emerge and evolve at speed. Competition is fierce, but businesses have unprecedented opportunity to help advertisers reach target audiences with personalized messages that resonate. Ad Sales organizations that adopt a cloud-based, platform business model can truly transform from forward thinking, to forward doing.

Multimedia Advertising Platform

A platform that leverages best-in-class advertising sales and fulfillment systems, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to better automate the ad sales and operations processes, resulting in increased monetization of ad inventories across all digital sales channels.

Advertising Sales, Services, and Operations As-a-Service

ABTech Solutions helps media companies provide seamless service to their B2B customers (brands and agencies) across several automated sales channels (direct, programmatic, self-service) where data-driven, cross-media ad campaigns can be effectively traded. This offering is powered by ABTech Solutions ’s next-generation ad sales solution, Multimedia Advertising Platform, provided in a bundle with industry vertical consulting services.

ABTech Solutions media services

Through our leading digital agency, ABTech Solutions Interactive, we can provide digital marketing services, including ad content creation and modification. These complement our media sales clients’ portfolio, fully addressing advertisers marketing needs in the digital space.

  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Cutting-edge Analytics
  • Brand Control
  • Sales Automation
  • Expanded Addressable Market
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Intelligent Advertising Consulting

We partner with you to solve key challenges and take advantage of opportunities to transform your advertising business to better monetize your inventory and audiences, resulting in optimized profitability.

Industrialized Advertising Platforms

We have innovative data-driven platforms and capabilities that help you successfully compete in the new advertising ecosystem, with agility, and scale – safely and securely.

Innovative Services,Launched At Scale

We help you build, launch and manage sophisticated and ubiquitous advertising products. Operate any cutting-edge business models powered by agile development and delivery solutions.